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WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO START SOMETHING NEWLAST NIGHTS FULL MOON DURING OUR SECRET RENDEZVOUS OUR WONDERFUL MOON The night was chilly not as cold as the past nights probably due to the gust of wind that had died down … Continue reading

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Candle Color Meanings

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Candle Colors Red Represents: Courage, health, lust, passion, strength, enthusiasm, (physical) energy, life, sex, fertility, survival, (sexual) love, and virility. Connected to: The element of fire, blood, birth and death, the masculine principle in…

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House smudging for blessing/cleansing

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Note* Doing a separate post for prayers. Sage House Cleansing A house cleansing is something that can be done in any tradition. Forcefully tell the entity to leave.  This is often required if spirits…

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Calming Spell – Removing Negative Thoughts

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All you need is: Orange Peels – Divination, Love Vanilla Powder –  Mental Powers, Love Red Sandalwood – Remove Negativity, Healing, Protection Rose Pedals– Love, Close Friendships, Domestic Peace and Happiness, Lasting Relationships Cedar Chips…

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