Candle Color Meanings


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Candle Colors


  • Represents: Courage, health, lust, passion, strength, enthusiasm, (physical) energy, life, sex, fertility, survival, (sexual) love, and virility.
  • Connected to: The element of fire, blood, birth and death, the masculine principle in nature, blood moon, god symbol, career goals, driving forces and fast action.
  • Used in: Defensive magic(k), vigor spells, and increases magnetism in rituals.
  • Healing: Helps to heal neuralgia and exhaustion.

Pink (Rose)

  • Represents: Affection, romance, friendship, spiritual awakening, honor, femininity, morality, love (romantic, emotional, and sweet), caring, and togetherness.
  • Connected to: Nurturing relationships (especially emotionally), healing of the spirit, positivity, and planetary good will.
  • Used in: Rituals as a standard color to draw affection, and brings friendly, lively conversation to the dinner table.
  • Healing: To treat anxiety, depression, and ailments of the heart.

Orange (Copper)

  • Represents: Attraction, encouragement, personal strength, control, ambition, authority, power, stimulation, (change) luck, sudden changes, adaptability, business, (general) success, communication, justice, passion

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  1. chris jensen says:

    Wow, just lov those!


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