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Blessing your home or moving into a new home is essential for Spiritual Harmony.

After you clean your home, you can begin using the Divine House Blessings. Once you have burned your charcoal, place a pinch of incense on top of the charcoal. Gently, move the Divine house blessing smoke using your hand fan in your home and move from room to room.

Make sure you move the smoke to the corners of each room and any high traffic areas. Pay special attention to the rooms where are is heavy energy for example, if you had argument, or depression, sadness, anger, take your time in these rooms. Open your windows and move the healing energy thorough your home.

As your walking through your home please say prayers, mantras, anything thing that radiate positivity. You want to bring that energy into your home.

Our homes are our sanctuary’s and we must…

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2 Responses to House Blessings  Incense

  1. Kenneth T. says:

    It’s not a new house bleeding that I need, it’s more a… well… my daughter died here, two months ago, and her mother is convinced that her spirit hasn’t moved on yet, kinda blessing I need.

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