House smudging for blessing/cleansing


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Note* Doing a separate post for prayers.


Sage House Cleansing

A house cleansing is something that can be done in any tradition. Forcefully tell the entity to leave.  This is often required if spirits are present. In times of attachment or possession make sure to remove the entity from the individual’s energy field first. If someone has asthma other methods of cleansing can be done, such as a singing bowl.


When purchasing sage it is often to remember there are different types. Most people use white sage. It is optional to add bay leaves to your bundle for extra protection. Depending on the amount of negativity will require a certain bundle size. If you need a lot of smoke or have a big/ three story house buy a bigger bundle. The smaller bundles take a while to stay lit, and they don’t produce much smoke.  If you have many…

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  1. chris jensen says:

    Old indian magick,

    still baby magick within
    the magickal world…


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