After being hidden away during these winter months prepare yourself to be invigorated upon the Spring Equinox

Time to express your wishes to the universe trusting they will come true into your life

Allow yourself to do what comes naturally to you

Listen to yourself

I was in my bedroom at twilight I opened the window to a rush of chilly air

Thinking about my passion and appetite for magick

That air took my mind swiftly on a new journey

It was the driving force that carries me through life…listening to myself

Many insights will be revealed to you when all of a sudden some of them will feel right

Tune in…let your intuition guide youI thought to myself…yes I can do that and be good at it actually I can become the best at it because of one simple thing…I began to believe in me

A few weeks ago during this winter season I began to feel numb not from any lack of spiritualness but due to the cold barren time of earth

No natural warmth
No flowers
No green grass

I felt I needed a jolt of something to bring back my mojo my spirit even a lift of my energy

A long time ago past the time of 13 blessing moons I remembered what a dear olde and very wise woman told me about adding a new dimension to my witch work

A wise olde woman talking “new dimensions”…how cool was that?

Even though I must admit I myself had never tried it (yet) I thought it was about time

So I kicked off my boots and sox
Rolled up my pants mid calf
Took a really deep breath

…and did what she told me about…

I took the dare to feel the cold winter snow under my bare feet

She had told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with trading soft summer grass between my toes with the cold of the winter snow

It felt unexpectedly good
Very invigorating

As I felt a tingle from the soles of my feet all the way up through my head

I started dancing to the beat of my own rhythm

Skipping around a magickal ring

Weaving back and forth in and out up and down with my barefoot magick

As I marked my boundaries around the edge of my little worldI started once again to feel the sense of being plugged in to the earth

Energy entering into to myself that I misplaced this winter

My toes dangling on the edge of spring to come

With that very cold snow it cleared my head almost immediately

Sure a few people walking by gave me a some odd looking glances in which I just ignored them knowing just how jealous they were to not be as gutsy to dance about in this cold weather

After a few minutes of my insanity I came back inside to a warm heated house knowing that just outside my door I left my tread marks on this earth that contained my own personal energy not to mention the fun I had at something so simple yet so energizing…as a nice hot beverage sat waiting for me to warn up my chilly bones!

❤and that’s how you work magick❤


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