Magick is Everywhere


Cottage Witch Magick

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Many people believe that in order to do spellwork, you must be very dogmatic and structured and follow exact ceremonial “recipes”, but Magick is everywhere and just being aware of it and focusing its energies with intentions will the do the trick. In other words, when you are vacuuming your house, visualize the vacuum sucking up all the bad energy or any conflict that is happening in the home, sealing it up in the vacuum bag to be tossed out. When you are making dinner, as you pour in the ingredients, focus on them and visualize happiness, success, confidence or whatever you want for your family. Even as you light a candle, instill the flame with the will of what you are working on at that time.

Holding intention is the key to directing your energy toward a goal.  The key is to first examine the motivation and intention behind…

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2 Responses to Magick is Everywhere

  1. chris jensen says:

    No darling,

    magick, truly is just a simple thought,

    with a strong belief…


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