Kitchen Cabinet Remedies: Rose Hip Syrup


Good Witches Homestead

So here is my first attempt at making syrup.  It turned out amazing.  I am tempted to go out and gather more!

rose-hip-makeI went to my favorite spot to harvest a few rose hips. I was there walking with my daughter and the rose hips just beckoned to be admired.  Voluptuous and cheery, the sun glistened on their waxy skins.  I got closer to them to inhale their scent and watched all the wild birds fluttering around inside the depths of the spiny bushes.  They were feasting too. We gathered about 2 pounds of rose hips.  Being November, many had been exposed to frost and some were starting to grow soft.  Rather than dry them for tea, I had thought of making them into cordial.  I have a bounty of various cordials at the moment – the sour cherry and cacao turned out spectacular and I made a lot for…

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