Smudging.More than just a feel good ritual


what if ifall?what if you fly!

123Since time immemorial smudging, or insence, or resin burning, has dominated religious practices and everyday life, from ancient and modern day Egypt,all through the Arabic world and from  India and Japan through the whole Asian and European continents. On the other side of the Atlantic, Native Americans and shamans have held smudging in high regard and incorporated it into their rituals or ritual like habits.

The merits they have attributed to it, range from clearing negative energy from  space, effectively clearing one’s aura, dispelling stagnant energy in one’s personal field, releasing negative ions, creating a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, fighting depression and anxiety, purifying the air. Despite all these more metaphysically oriented claims, i still needed to find something more scientifically substantiated that would explain to my rational mind why on earth smudging ,feels so inexplicably good.


Herb bundles known as “smudge sticks”.

oyuytfgiukjygkjThe absolute treat. Precious resins, are placed…

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  1. chris jensen says:

    Well yeah!

    Isn’t that a part of Mrs. Nature?



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