Flowers for Food and Medicine


Good Witches Homestead

Ever since the first cave dweller got the first stomach ache, people have looked at plants to relieve their aches and pains. Which plants would cure which ailments? The question is ageless. Answers first came from {probably often painful} trial and error.
Eventually, though, this was backed by experience and knowledge passed down from one generation to another. Different civilizations, even though they were separated by time and great distances, used similar plants to cure the same ills. People in primitive societies believed, and still believe today, that sickness was a punishment from the gods. They assumed that their discomfort was a direct consequence of their actions. In these societies, no one knew why plants were able to cure many ailments. The men and woman who were knowledgeable about plants and able to treat various illnesses with their herbs were held in special esteem and took an honored place in…

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