As we enter this season where we color eggs ~ dress in fancy spring garments and indulge in a chocolate bunny rabbit or two don’t hesitate for a moment to honor and celebrate the spring equinox in your own unique way

Whether we perform sacred rituals with burning incense and candles leave colorful baskets out in hopes that the Easter Bunny fills them with treats or head outdoors for the annual Easter egg hunt being held by the local Fire Department

We should encompass the unexpected surprises the sunshine flowers excitement and the fun life brings during the Spring

Some of us carry forward on olde family traditions and along the way creating brand new traditions that suit our holiday to perfection

I’ll find myself with the urge to head down to my local church on Easter morning all dressed up including my white gloves to enjoy and feel enlighten by the early morning serviceReceiving the message of salvation of my heart and renewal of my soul

I will come to realize I survived the physical of the cold winter days and trust in what I see in my own eyes that the world will indeed go on

The power of the spring will sweep away the shadows and illuminate a united purpose for all of us to rejoice in life

Later when I get home I will mark this occasion to thank Mother Nature with a bit of Magick

A simple walk alone in the sunshine to think to reflect to regroup and most definitely to rejoice as I await for days end to enter the sunset

To be with myself and deep in my own thoughts

Kicking around to explore what is blooming and budding on this place we call earth and letting myself get a real sense of who I am what I’m all about and to recognize and see what lives and thrives all around meLighting a few candles at home in a room that receives the most of my attention

Planting a few seeds to manifest my springtime wishes in terracotta pots that sit anxiously on the kitchen windowsill waiting for that glorious sunshine


Will represent my wishes my dreams my goals for this years Spring Equinox


During the Spring Equinox (March 20) is the time to take advantage of its balancing energies

Choose an area of your life that has fallen into chaos and disarray and find a charm you have around the house to represent that chaos

Example: you can use a small piece of jewelry ~ button ~ pebble ~ coin etc

Something small and easy to carry in your pocket

During the exact moment of the Spring Equinox (check for your time zone) hold that charm very tightly between the palms of your hands to restore a balanced equilibrium into your life magickally

Close your eyes and think very deeply about the chaos and disarray in your life

Remind yourself that at the heart of this season there is


Press the charm even tighter in the palms of your hands

Feel the charm so you can charge it with your renewed energy

Once you are finished light 3 yellow candles that you have placed in a circle on a table or your altar

Before you light the candles place the charm in the center then light the candlesAfter 1 hour snuff out the candles and burn the candles in the same way every night until the candles are all burned down to their wicks

Everyday carry the charm with you in a place close to your body

Whichever our personal spiritual practices are it’s not so much in the details as they are in the overall feelings they produce

One may enjoy a renewed sense of balance and hope while another might experience a feeling of new life and salvation while yet someone else just might feel happier and freshly energized as the sunshine warms the land


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  2. bunkerville says:

    The way to do it!!!!

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