Top Ten Crystals To Get You Started


The Witch & Walnut

7a780dc67bf0642d21fa70fccab682f5Its easy to collect an abundance of crystals for any purpose that suits your wants and needs. They can be healing, grounding, soothing or simply just eye pleasing. Here I have rounded out the top 10 crystals I keep near me or on me. Not all at the same time, but they are part of my daily in’s and outs. As much as I would like to carry a suitcase of crystals with me, its just not realistic. I have a small collection, still more than I likely need but they serve me well and when I need them. They are readily available and not expensive except in the larger variety. This is a great place to start, but keep exploring, there is so much information out there and ways to use them. There isn’t just one way, you can learn a lot from a lot of different people and books. Have fun…

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