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BY PHASE NEW MOON: plant above ground crops with outside seeds Example: lettuce spinach celery broccoli cabbage cauliflower grains and flowering annuals 1st QUARTER: plant above ground crops with inside seeds Example: beans melons peas peppers squash tomatoes 2nd QUARTER: … Continue reading

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Garden Blessing

Originally posted on In The Dark ~ Book Of Shadows:
Materials: green or brown candle pot of soil (if you can’t be outside) packet of seeds or flowering plant/herb picture of your ideal garden plan smoke cleansing stick salt water Notes:…

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Consecration of Tools

Originally posted on Coven of the Wolfa:
Consecrating and Sanctifying your magical tools is something that within traditional coven structures is not a glossed over subject and much time is spent on it, but in the realm of solitary Wicca…

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Dittany of Crete

Originally posted on Bane & Beauty:
The rare Dittany of Crete is a relative of Oregano which grows wild only on the mountainous terrain of the the Grecian Island of Crete, where its use dates back to Ancient Minoan times.…

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Stone Magic-Protection

Originally posted on Writing with Legends:
Stones are a very good resource when it comes to magic.  You can easily carry one with you and they don’t often arouse suspicion for those witches who are still in the broom closet.…

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