Consecration of Tools


Coven of the Wolfa

Consecrating and Sanctifying your magical tools is something that within traditional coven structures is not a glossed over subject and much time is spent on it, but in the realm of solitary Wicca and eclectic witchcraft it is something that is lacking and not given much attention.

Consecrating the coven pentacle. Consecrating the coven pentacle.

So why don’t some of the eclectic or bootstrap covens or solitary witches pay careful attention to the magical tools they use?

Many reasons abound in response to this, and like everything: there is no one size fits all response, nor is there a one size fits all reason to this.  So in this article, I have set out some information that I am able to share from a traditional Wiccan’s perspective for eclectic and bootstrap covens to consider that may be of some help to them when thinking of their own coven practice.  I can’t go into many…

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