Candle Magic


Lilie Wulfe

Candles can be a fun and easy way to work spells that really pack a punch. I am going to outline an easy way to do the magic spell you need.

You will need a green candle in a glass jar. I like to use 7 or 3 day candles. You can find these at many grocery stores or big box stores, if you don’t have a local Metaphysical store that you visit. If you cant find one, use a votive candle in a container that you wont miss. You will need a lighter, a few herbs appropriate to your purpose and a clearly worded desire that you wish to fulfill.

For this I am going to use a spell for  a specific amount of money to pay a bill as an example. This can be modified to suit your needs. Take your candle and make three holes in the wax to put…

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