Arranging, Pressing, Drying Flowers


Good Witches Homestead

Our first this morning was to create a pdf file for our ‘Flower Dyeing’ content. I have never used Google Docs, ever! With a strong cup of coffee and determination, I do believe the file turned out decent and readable. You can view it here and please let me know what you think.

flowers for cutting

Julia Burrell, in her book A History of Flower Arrangements, says that “Ever since the early days of recorded history, when the man was, at last, able to free himself from the necessities of the hunt and till the soil for his living instead, floral decoration has played an important part in his arts.” The fact that man has decorated with flowers since ancient times is indisputable. Ancient Egyptian pottery and jars include designs of flowers particularly lotus, which was sacred to the goddess Isis, and mallow and corn poppy. During the Golden Age of Greece, the…

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