Dusty tomes
Cobwebby kitchens
Clutter clutter clutter…

Baking soda
Castile soap…

Cleaning is both an art and a chore

Some believe…

“Boring women have spotless homes”Actually the truth is that cleaning is re-creative work

A continual reestablishing of the boundaries of the sacred space in your home

We entered into that season of some much needed rigorous cleaning and clearing

We begin to rise up out of the Earth and return the bits of it that has found a place in our homes back to the Earth

All those broken pots pans and tools ~ ashes and soot from the fireplace ~ burnt offering from the oven ~ dust and cobwebs from each and every room ~ the clutter in the garage swept up gathered up place together on a big heap ready for its next phase in life

Bricks stand tall
Mortar is solid
Paint begins to flake

As the bones of the house settle deeper and deeper into the foundation

If you still think this sounds like drudgery to you think of your housekeeping activities as an on going conversation with the EarthEach time you sweep vacuum or scrub you’re renewing your contract with Mother Earth

As she swirls another puff of lovely dirt into the house

Don’t just kick the dirt out the door take time to admire it

Run a finger through it…after all…of this your four walls are made!

Then graciously take up your “broom” and gently sweep it out the back door


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2 Responses to COBWEBS

  1. I have missed you! You make me feel mysterious!

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