Cottage Witch Magick

Raising and focusing energy is the activity of magic, intention is it’s core, and grounding and centering is its foundation.  We begin and end every working with them both, skipping either will have consequences to your work and your energy.  Even in our everyday lives, not being grounded and centered can influence both mood and health.

Grounding is connecting yourself to the earth, reaffirming that we are it and it is us.  We are often in an unbalanced relationship with nature, often forgetting we are a part of it as we walk on asphalt and cement wearing rubber soles and surrounded by steel and glass.  Being well grounded is vital to raising great energy to direct toward your intention and also to returning any unused energy back to the earth after your magic is finished.  As a young learning witch, I spent time working in a coven when I learned just…

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