Nasturtium 101


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COMMON NAME:  nasturtium
SPECIES:T.major; T. minor
FAMILY: Tropaeolaceae
BLOOMS: summer
TYPE: annual
DESCRIPTION:  Very colorful, five-petaled blossoms grow on short or trailing plants. The leaves are round and attractive. Blossom colors include red, pink, and yellow and hues in between.
CULTIVATION:  Nasturtiums are very adaptable and can grow in poor soils and under drought conditions. They need well-drained soil and plenty of hot sunshine.

The genus name, Tropaeolum, is a Greek word meaning “to twine” and is descriptive of the growth habit of many species within this genus. Another possible explanation for the origin of this name is the Greek word for trophy, tropaion, for to some people the flowers looked like a Roman helmet or round shield.
T. minor, first found growing in Mexico and Peru, has been in cultivation since the middle of the sixteenth century. Nicolas Monardes, a physician from Seville who wrote the…

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