Always Label Your Herbals


Make Herbal Remedies


This is not just nice to have but it is very important – you need to remember what you do and how you did it so you can do it again. Make a note of what you put in the recipe and the date you made it. After you make more herbals you will not remember the facts about each remedy after a month has passed. Download the pdf and print your labels. Cut them and write the info on the label then tape it to the bottle with clear tape over the whole label. Write your name above Homemade Herbals so it says “Ellie’s Homemade Herbals”. Herbals are wet and messy. Keep things clean and sterilized. Bacteria can easily get inside your remedy and spoil all your efforts. Cut this label off the right and bottom to fit your bottles if you need a smaller label.making-herbal-remedies-print-labels-2

Download this pdf…

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