Educating Ourselves: The Different Types Of Female Orgasms


Beneath The Layers

Most of us are not very educated about our own physicality, this is due to the great amount of judgement still placed on sexual education.  While on the one hand society expects us not to talk intelligently about the subject, on the other hand Hollywood releases movies which really are full of insulting, demeaning sexual behavior, specially towards women.

Today I am going to write about the many different types of orgasms a woman may experience.   Most of us are not aware women can have up to 12 different types of orgasms.

  1. The Clitoral Orgasm:  This type of orgasm is what is called an external orgasm; this happens when the Clitoris only has an orgasm; which means the pleasurable sensation of the orgasm achieved is only felt on the outside part of the body; this is why is called a superficial orgasm.
  2. A G-Spot Orgasm: Unlike the Clitoral…

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