Life Everlasting~An Herb That Slows The Ravages Of Aging


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Other common names– Everlast, Helichrysum, Curry Plant, Imphepho, Kooigoed and Yellow Chaste Weed.

Latin – Helichrysum spp.

Parts used– Leaf and Flower

Constituents– Sesquiterpenoids, Flavanoids, Diketones, Asarone and Essential Oils.

Properties– Anti-Inflammatory (Reduces inflammation), Anti-Allergenic (Prevents allergies), Anti-Aging (Slows aging), Diuretic (Increased urination), Sedative (Relaxes the body and mind), Oneirogen (Increases dreaming) and mild Astringent (Causes the contraction of body tissues).

Uses – Internally can be used as a tea, tincture, or essential oil for inflammatory conditions, minor digestive complaints, gall bladder disorders, water retention, rheumatism, cystitis, and ulcers. Externally a tea or essential oil is used for its wound healing and anti-aging properties. Helichrysum species are also known to effectively induce vivid dreams.

Cautions: Should not be taken during pregnancy or lactation. Otherwise, there are no contraindications when used properly.

Bright and full of life, Helichrysum shines likes the sun! There are over 600…

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