Casting Cursing Stones – #Folkmagic #Witchcraft


The Witch & Walnut

complete020.pngFridays are the days we cast our curses, or “throw” magic as we call it.  If you ever see a pile of rocks and a stick in the middle, you can bet that someone has been cursed and quite severely.

There are a lot of these rock and stake piles scattered along mountain sides, rivers and forests in eastern Europe. Some can even be found near the town squares or the town parks.

This cursing ritual may be done by an individual, couple or group of people, and it is always done to only one person at a time. So if you have a laundry list of people, start making piles, its one pile per person!

The purpose here is to punish them for the wrong they have done but in a way that “karma” or “fate” see fit. You are just adding a serious boost to what is already…

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