Elemental Altar for Earth


Cunning Witch

In addition to my main working altar (I’ll talk about this in a later blog), I also like to have Elemental Altars. I’ve had many incarnations over the years. Sometimes I have all of the Elements in one place and other times I have a separate altar for each Element. 

Today I’m going to briefly explain what I put on my Elemental Altar for Earth.

The first thing that goes on my Elemental Altars are the candles. The Earth candle is green and is only lit when I’m calling on the Element of Earth in my rituals.

After the candle, I place any Deity statues I might have on this altar. My Earth Mother Goddess statue goes here along with my Green Man plaque and my Ganesha statue.

I have a mortar and pestle, pentacle and tea light salt lamp here as well.

You can also include other symbols of…

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