Magical Tools


Cunning Witch

There are many tools that can be used in magical workings. Bells, drums, incense holders, robes, etc. all have their place in the circle, but there are 4 that are used in traditional ceremonies more often than the others.

These 4 are the Wand, Athame, Cup/Chalice and Pentacle.

Each of these 4 tools comes with its own set of correspondences, but I’m going to be brief here.

We’ll begin in the North, where our Mother Earth lives and births us out into the world. There you’ll find the Pentacle; the 5 pointed star surrounded by a circle. This symbol has been called the Microcosm of Man. Within this symbol are each of the 4 Elements, where our physical selves reside (Earth, Air, Fire, Earth at the bottom 4 points) and the 5th Element of Spirit (at the top point), where our soul lives. It has many purposes for being on…

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