273: Moon


Mountain Man Traditional Healing

Ozark hillfolk have traditionally had a very close relationship to the Heavenly Bodies, especially the moon. Seeds were planted under certain signs of the Zodiac, plants and crops harvested under others. The Almanac was an important item in the cabin, it told the people the best and worst days for cutting hair, buying land, sheering sheep, etc. The phases of the moon are also said to be connected to our health and wellbeing. Warts and cancers were allowed to “lessen” with the waning of the moon, and prosperity was fostered with the growing of the moon. Medicines were often administered at the full moon for most effective healing, and fresh beginnings started when the moon is new. It’s also said that one can become a witch by shooting silver bullets at the moon, and folks always made sure to pull blinds closed so as to not sleep under the rays of…

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