279: Fingernails


Mountain Man Traditional Healing

Fingernails have long been used in folk traditions for both healing and magical purposes. The fingernail, much like hair which is often used in a similar way, is a symbolic connection between the healer and the patient. Through the manipulation of the fingernail the patient is thereby manipulated as well, for good or bad depending upon the healer. Because of this symbolic connection there are many warnings regarding fingernails. For instance, many people will flush fingernail clippings down the toilet, or burn them, so that enemies won’t find them and use them as a way to put a hex on that person. Here are a few more common uses for fingernails in Ozark folk magic:

To attract a man’s love – “Whiskey in which her fingernail trimmings have been soaked is said to have a very similar effect.” ~Randolph OMF 166

“Fixing” fingernails to make lover visit – “By cleaning…

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