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As I post this we are a week away from valentine’s day. Although I don’t celebrate valentine’s day, my family for sure celebrates what we’ve dubbed Love Day, which is the day AFTER st valentine’s day and lasts until…  As a family, we give one another sweet gifts that reflect the sweetness of the love that we feel for one another. My hunny and I are more loving and attentive with purpose during this time. As a conjure woman I get to work creating elixirs, oils, potions, and herbal bath blends weeks before you can feel the energy of what I like to call Passion Season, begin to raise. This year however, I am a little late on my potions. As I am only now gathering my herbs and botanicals necessary to craft a host of passion goodies for the weeks and months ahead.

Crafting herbal remedies for low libido…

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5 Responses to Sex Magic & Passion Energy

  1. chris jensen says:

    A week away from Valentines day?

    Darling what is todays date?


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