Spell Work


Beneath the Hawthorne

According to Murry Hope: Practical Magic is the transformation of the neutral Universal energies into practical frequencies that can be molded according to the practitioner’s intentions.

In most studies of spell work and practical magic, it is made clear that there are four main ingredients to any successful spell. Think of them as table legs: need, intention, visualization, and desire.

Many people who are new to spell work mistakenly think that the ritual of the words and the symbolism are the vehicles that bring the magic to our world. Nothing could be further from the truth. A person could have all the right tools and words to perform a spell on just the right day at the right time but if the four pillars mentioned above aren’t present, no magic will occur. Also, spells don’t work immediately. Often, it takes weeks or months to see a spell come to fruition.

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7 Responses to Spell Work

  1. chris jensen says:

    Spell’s an Magick..

    To different thoughts, yet one an the same!

    kisses chris

  2. gypsypritzeh says:

    This is the best explanation of magic!

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