BASIL: place a bit of it in each room of your home to protect your family ~ basil will also give you protection when you’re in a crowd or a crowded room by putting just a bit of it in your pocket ~ use it against those who you do not trust

MINT: this is a good one…my dear…so listen up and take notes…yes indeed keep a small jar of mint on the windowsill of your home to ward off evil witches that want to curse or hex you or cast a black shadow over your house

If you’re under very serious attack place a jar of mint on a windowsill in each and every room in your house and always carry some fresh mint in your left side pocket

If you come face to face with that evil witch take the mint out that’s in your pocket holding it tightly in your left hand walk up to the witch with great conviction getting up close and personal and toss the mint in her face making sure the mint touches her


Say: send the evil back from whence it comes

Then walk away widdershins backwards facing the witch


CARAWAY SEEDS: carry a few with you in a white handkerchief to ensure a safe journey


BAY LEAF: add a bay leaf to your morning cup of coffee or tea to help your memory remember all the important chores you wish to accomplish that day

ROSEMARY: dry out fresh rosemary and mix it with your favorite incense and burn to induce warm feelings amongst all who are present and to attract great joy

CELERY SEED: mix with incense and burn for it will aid you in attaining the deepest of concentration necessary for the power to cast spellsBLACK MAGICK

POPPY SEED: use it in your own special way to break things or people apart

MUSTARD SEED: sprinkle some around trees ~ plants ~ crops on the first evening of a full moon and they shall not bear fruit

COCONUT: get a whole coconut puncture it to drain out all the milk but do not break in half give it the face of your enemy and hang it high above from a tree and your enemy will soon have declining health

…so what’s cookin’ in your kitchen?HOW INNOCENT IT ALL LOOKS!


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  1. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Nice post Jinx X …

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Well…hello stranger…its been awhile but I’m sure your busy with all the news to report

      Must keep you on your toes

      Have a very pleasant evening…πŸ’œ

      • It’s been a while trying to introduce interactive news reporting and testing out apps to actually eventually report as it happens automatically … Not quite there … But nearly … Hope you are well and watching with interest your posts on Trump … As I am ardently following what I term as an amazing time in history for my country the United Kingdom with Brexit … The British people though are see everything as a all doom and gloom as do those who voted for Hilary … But change for me as an Aquarian is just amazing at the moment so much consciousness changes the next three years will be great for some and not so for others unless they embrace change … Your thoughts and feelings on this would be interesting from your perspective … Take care carry on being wonderful as you are … Lots of hugs and kisses …xxxx πŸŒΉπŸ’•Ian

      • hocuspocus13 says:

        I believe in doing my own research and researching in many different areas so that eventually I have all the facts to put together for myself

        If you let people they will drag you every which way and into their own doom and gloom

        Misery loves company…

        Stay focused
        Be stubborn

        …and always keep a smile on your face it makes people wonder what your up to…πŸ˜‰

      • Love that comment totally agree … That’s why l take so long over news posts … Thanks … Ian πŸ‘

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