…a story from THE DEADLY BOOK

Sometimes accepting the hospitality of the Witches in the neighborhood presents an unusual risk

The people in town told many tales about how those Witches made Brews to seduce control and tempt their visitors feeding them meals and drinks laced with a powerful poison

Venomous snakes concentrated into a toxin

The folklore says the Brew has no taste allowing unsuspecting victims their neighbors to go about their normal lives for as long as 13 days before they started to feel ill and under the control of the Witch

For the poison gnaws from within

Magickal mixtures brewed in Cauldrons and used to create various effects on the drinkerNo poison can kill the Positive Thinker
No medicine can cure the Negative Thinker

As they became intoxicated by memories and feelings

Concocting a strong formula of poison requires the 5 poisonous creatures


On the 5th day of the 5th month the creatures will be put in a jar together

The body of the remaining venomous creature which has eaten the others in the jar will become the source of the lethal poison

Left in the jar in the darkness for 1 year

Then in its own Medieval style ground into powderNothing in life is without its own brand of poison

There are poisons that blind you and there are poisons that open your eyes

A dangerous juice to be drunk

So forgive me…as I slipped ever so unexpectedly under your skin

You must despise me for what I now do

He took a quick taste

When all this time he drank me like I was the cure when maybe I had become his poison

And once again he became intoxicated with memories of yesterday and his feelings of a burning heart

His glass filled to the golden rim as I held it to his lips and whispered words of temptation in his ear

You are like the poison I just have to taste

As a part of me might have hoped he would demand another drink as he had come to know just how contagious I could be

Blinded with passion I have made my decision I have picked my poison he told her…and it is you 💙


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