Protection Spell Box


Magickal Folk

For this spell, you must find your words and weave your own magick. This is a personal
spell for which I am sharing but it will require a bit of work on your end to make it your own. You could quite easily turn this into an entire journal and also take many months to complete or you can make this simple and easy, its your choice. You have enough herbs and candle time to make three 4oz jars of protection oil in one setting. You need only one, but you can make 3 so use the quantity herbs accordingly.

You may want to work with a god or goddess in addition to the elements. I evoke the divine assistance of Sekhmet, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Morrigan, and Athena prior to ritual and a few during. I do this pre-ritual to purify my energies and intentions before committing to…

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