The Inner Chalice for the Kitchen Witch


Magickal Folk


Symbolic of the creative womb of the Goddess, the regenerative Cauldron of Cerridwen and the Holy Grail of Avalon. The Chalice represents the life-giving element of water, receptor of all things deep and mysterious. The chalice represents the cradle of life that receives, holds, nurtures and protects. Spells and rituals created with the Chalice come from a heart-centered place and filled with love and grace.

Inner Chalice Ritual

When created and consumed correctly, every drop becomes a spark of energy that mingles with your aura and every cell in your body. This can change the entire pattern of the energy that you carry, both within and without. Such transformations lie at the very heart and soul of what magick is all about.

You will need:

  • A Chalice
  • Spring Water
  • A teaspoon Passion Flower Herb and Chamomile Flowers
  • Kitchen Altar/Family Altar

Add a teaspoon of passion Flower herb and spring water…

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