Who would this dark one be?

A Soul that passed on from its very existence to embrace and be carried away to ones death

Was it a hard working business man
A housewife who put in a 24 hour day
The old woman who lived into a new century

He or She had no way of knowing what would await them or anyone to show them the way to reach it

Angels or Demons

Their purpose here was over

She remembered an awareness of being moved away from her physical form as she tried to pull herself back into her flesh

Lingering near the living for just a few more moments

Divine Souls from the other side came to claim her to move her into the afterlifeShe was lead to a low realm close to Earth where her fascinations lingered needing to be worked out to purify her Soul

Addictions to be resolved

Drama to be balanced

Debts to be paid off

Leftover baggage from her life had to be faced her Soul to be sentenced and where she shall remain until she worked it out

Here Souls will see what could have been and what went wrong to be prepared for transition to a higher level

A place that resembles Earth on pleasant nights and sunny days

The GateKeeper had arrived to be with her that night

Let your hand be the one to hold mine as she stood a few inches away from her final resting place

Do you have any questions that are still plaguing you about your once mortal life

Voice them now…♠

For the moment she listened to the night feeling somber yet energized in a sort of quiet confidence

Satisfied she closed her eyes and let go

One day…When you have learned all your lessons you too will be ready to reunite with your Source


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7 Responses to BEAUTY of DEATH

  1. chris jensen says:

    Yeah, there is reality.. But there is Truth, i mean there are those looking at a big picture all while enjoy best they can….

    i’m about to spend another night in jail…

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