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NOTHING COMPLICATED Simply sit quietly for a few minutes Block out all thoughts from your mind except for which the candle shall burn Concentrate on the object of the Spell A vision of that situation as you foresee it ♠ … Continue reading

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Simple Candle Magic for New Spring Beginnings

Originally posted on Harebell & Betony:
Spring is a wonderful time of year for new beginnings, however when you to start a new beginning in your life, you?must release old habits, and let go of people or ways that are…

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275: Folk Illnesses and Medical Terms

Originally posted on Mountain Man Traditional Healing:
This is by no means an exhaustive list of folk illnesses and medical terminology associated with the Ozark and Appalachian peoples. With the advent of the country doctor and quack medicine shows we…

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Add More Magic To Spell Work With Salt Dough Poppets

Originally posted on The Witch & Walnut:
Poppets have been used by many traditions for a very long time and for many different reasons. Typically we see poppets made from cloth and those work great if you prefer that method.…

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