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The Cauldron began to glow after it was filled with the magickal enchantments A soft whisper of my fascinations bubbled in the brew As I was steeped in my own creative words… REKINDLE A DYING FLAME POTION TOOLS: 3 fresh … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Writing with Legends:
Changelings could be things like glamoured rocks and logs, but were also often old fairies that no one wanted to deal with anymore, and so they were given to mortals in exchange for children.…

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Making candles from jars and tea cups…..

Originally posted on Belle and Candle:
It is so simple to make candles from old jars,tea cups and pretty much anything deep enough to carry a wick and wax. I use these candles for rituals, candle magic and just for…

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Ozark Encyclopedia – A – Axes

Originally posted on Mountain Man Traditional Healing:
Axes, much like knives, have been used in Ozark folk healing as a method of symbolically “cutting” maladies like fever, cramps, or birth pains. They’ve also traditionally been employed by weather conjurers to…

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