Everything is connected
Everything is energy

Magickal and Spiritual work involves working within this sea of energy to create harmony and a positive change

Feel your mind reaching out into the Universe which will help you to become aware of the greater patterns of your Life

See beyond those reaches of time

See the threads of your fate as they are being woven

Bask…just for the moment…in the sensation of greater awareness

Recharging yourself when you’re worn down is all about gaining back your balance and connection that has temporarily slipped away

To feel safe and in control of yourself once again

Knowing your shielded and protected from Life’s troubles and harms

Recharging yourself to achieve a sense of equilibrium

Sit quietly close your eyes and simply feel it out and probe your mind and your heart

Monitor the emotions you are feeling

The sensations you begin to recognize

Reach out to touch the Magickal Energy that lives all around youTake your fair share

…and never doubt the influence of destiny that settles within your soul ♠

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