The BroomStick is a magickal tool that is usually made by the Witch for herself from the branch and twigs from her favorite tree

A gift of a homemade BroomStick is always wonderful to receive and highly acceptable

If you don’t have trees on your property where you live then look around to find that special tree that catches your eyeNow that the Spring has Sprung and Summer is peeking around the corner it’s the perfect time to begin to collect the things you will need to put together your own Witches BroomStick

You can use your wild imagination to decorate the BroomStick with

Little Bells
FeathersA can of spray paint to choose a favorite color or blend several colors together


Whatever you like it’s up to you


Just a few easy steps

That include

An adventurous scavengers hunt
A little bit of time
And your wild imagination

Here’s some ideas on the branches and twigs and what to look forYou will also need a BroomStick handle from the tree something the size and roundness of your typical household sweep broomThen you want to trim even one end of the twigs before you attach them to the handle

Use shears or a sharp knife or scissors

The other end the sweeping end will stay naturally uneven just as you found them

You can trim it however if you want to or if the sweeping ends are too unevenNow let’s bind the twigs and branches to the handle using what you like or what you have around the house

Thick Cord
Heavy String

And bind it up very tightly

Also take notice to the twigs on top how evenly they are trimmedDecorations are next and the World is your limit

Anything goes…

Personalize your BroomStick with

Magickal Symbols that reflect the bond you share with the BroomStickYour Witches BroomStick is together so what’s next?

ahhh…now comes the magick

The BroomStick must be activated on the very next Full Moon

A little tip:

The BroomStick will be especially magickal if its activated at the Full Moon during the month of your BirthDay

Find a room inside your home in front of a window to place the BroomStick over night to soak up the Moon’s energy

After you have found that special place to lay the BroomStick over night prick the right index finger on your right hand to pass 1 drop of your blood over the bottom part of the BroomStickThen let it be still under a Full Moon Night

The next morning you’re ready to use your Witches BroomStick in your daily Magickal Spells or perhaps you would like to take it for a test drive!


If you believe that you are a target of demonic or psychic attacks when you are sleeping then place the BroomStick under your bed at night when you are ready for bed as it will create a Magickal Barrier and protect you effectively from these attacks

Feeling as though your home is filled with negative vibes then grab a handful of salt and throw it on the ground outside around the home and start brushing it away with your BroomStickWe always want to protect our home our loved ones from unwanted troubles and gossip and unwanted Magick so put across the main windowsill of your home ~ the front door or across the boundaries of your property an activated BroomStick (it comes in handy to make a few Witches BroomSticks) to protect all that lives in the home“With this broom I sweep away. All negativity that comes my way!”

~ a CIRCLE of WITCHES ~“All the wild Witches, those most notable ladies, for all their broomsticks and their tears, their angry tears, are gone”

~ WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS ~“You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself”



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