Research Tips For The Beginner Witch!


The Witch & Walnut

s-l225Where do you start? There is endless amounts of information out there about becoming a witch. You can google till your hearts content, or until  you are completely confused! I’ve complied a quick beginners list of items you can research if you are just starting out. Or if you are simply just interested in the topic, its a good jumping off point. I won’t go into a lot of detail about these items, its important to learn and discover the craft at your own pace. If this is something you want, you need to do the research.  Become dedicated!

Remember that Witchcraft is a personal journey, its about you and how you connect to the universe. No two witches are alike and that’s okay! We can all learn from each other.

As promised, here is a starter list of items you to help you begin your journey!

1.Research the…

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