The flames will penetrate your mind as you immerse yourself in the energy of the Fire

They have in their nature a most powerful force

Listen…can you hear the crackling of the logs and smell the enchantment of the smoke

Close your eyes let it take you away

Passion explodes the Fire in my Soul

Flames release the Sensuality of my Spirit

This warmth is the Energy of Life

The Spell has begun near the open Fire as everyone can feel its influenceGaze into them and let the flames transform you

Ask yourself your most burning questions and have the courage to receive the answers

Send me the blessings of joy happiness and love

Make me pure
Make me powerful
Make me glow with passion

All of us possess some electrical and magnetic forces within ourselvesAnd just like a magnet we exert a force of attraction the question is will you use yours

Man and Woman…

Such an Ancient Science

Fire burns
Fire turns
All evil and harm away from me

My focus must be maintained to keep the Magick lingering

The Fire Mistress dances around the flames to bless the Earth she walks on

Dancing in pure joy and ecstasy on this night she will bring into these flames her offeringShe is SpellBound

Circle of Fire
Circle of Rage
On this night I shall turn a new page

Dear flames open the pathway for me so my Magick can take root

You are my driving force
The strength of will power
My obsession with passion

Come and dance with me for I need something to burn…


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11 Responses to FIRE MISTRESS

  1. This is lovely! Perfect for the Beltane 🙂

  2. Second to last shot looks like she is right in it. Quite impressive.

  3. Reblogged this on ' Ace Social & Media News ' and commented:
    First class ..⭐️

  4. Beautiful post Jinx X Have a god day … 🌹

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