Every Witch worth her own Salt knows that Witchery is a 365 day job!

It’s all about the “hocus-pocus” the “toil and trouble” it’s all about the “magick” that comes with the responsibility of being a Witch

But here’s the kicker…

You must not only act the part of a Witch but you must dress the part alsoSo the other night during our monthly New Moon Gathering we started a talk about Witch Wear garments

What is acceptable and what is not

Pieces of clothing to add to your entourage you have already collected or for those who want to begin down the path of Mystery and Magick

Enjoy the journey into the Dark World of a Witch’s Wardrobe and Accessories

After all we Witches have got an Ancient reputation to uphold!

Charming fashion for aspiring Witches a look of youthful Witchy-nessAs we do encourage them to embrace a spookier side of lifeOh…yes the Witch is the ultimate Bad Girl

Collecting rain water in mason jars and dousing her wrists in it to prevent unwanted attention

Casting Curses on those she does not care forSpells to suit her needs and wants

Placing a Hex on the olde boyfriend who done her wrongWe do always want to wear articles of clothing that you can work and live in

Something Witchy fashionable a modern Witch look which is truly all about looking dark and mystical yet can be worn everyday…to get your point across without ever having to say a single wordAll black is by far the chosen color of the Witch’s Wardrobe but also worn are the colors of


Wide brimmed hats seem to be making a comeback in the fashion world these daysWith many different type of decorations attached on them to bring it into your very own style

BonesSome of our selection of jewelry to enhance your Witchy lookA Pentagram Ring worn on the index finger to summon the Spirits from above or belowEarrings to adorn your featuresChoker with an Antique Heirloom piece of jewelry look to it something that looks like a hand me down from Great Aunt Tillie

Carried along with her is the sequined hand bag never knowing what she will pull out of it next…maybe a

Black Cat Bone
Holy Water
or just a plain olde sprig of BellaDonnaSo “BEWARE” if the Witch opens up her magickal “bag of tricks” she might just toss something your way

So lets see…what does one wear while at home doing a bit of Witchcraft Housework like

Anointing Candles
Pulling Tarot Cards
Lighting Incense
Bubbling a Brew
Blending Oils

Something comfortable
Something black
Something easyAn active Witch will also have on hand in her closet a Grande Rite Dress

A Ceremonial red dress worn for those very special occasionComplete of course with red boots or high heelsTo be the Woman in Red dressNeed to Summon a Tempest or SpellCasting during a Full Moon Night

We would recommend going more of the Olde World Order of things type GarmentsPerhaps

TaffetaAnd one can always use a traditional long black coatOur look goes much deeper than just the clothes we wear remember the Dark and Mystical look

That takes place to pull it all together with make-up

Nails polishedLips coloredFace paintedNow let us see have we left anything out

Oh…yes…how could we forget

The Pointy BootsAlso known as a Witch’s best friend

She will need a good sturdy pair of black boots for tracking into the forest late at night under a Full Moon to pick those poison berriesA comfortable pair of boots to wear to be on her feet all day long slaving over a hot bubbling CauldronAnd boots to dancing smooth and graceful under the Stars with her fellow Practitioners just before Cock CrowThat band of badass Witches just put a Spell on you

It has been 100s of years that Witches have terrorized our fairytales and put frightening thoughts into our minds

And it seems that women everywhere are beginning to embrace and identify with the Witch Culture think about that for a moment!

If you lust after any of the enchanting clothing with dark mysterious and unknown details you just might be a Witch in the making

Your first step might be to leave behind those neon and pastel colors of clothing

I mean could you imagine Casting a Circle in a pastel party dress?



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  1. love, love love! Blessed be.

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