Using the Right Incense for Your Witchcraft Spell


The Black Grimoire


Scented incense can be a great addition to any witchcraft spell or magickal work you perform. If possible, you will want to choose the right scent to add more power to your spell.

Following are some common incense scents, and the types of spells they can be used for:

Sage – sage scented incense is great for clearing the air, neutralizing negativity, and promoting a more peaceful atmosphere.

Myrrh – myrrh incense is wonderful for healing spells, self-love rituals, or any type of calming meditation.

Sandalwood – sandalwood incense has protective properties, and can be used in spells to banish negativity, repel evil, and make you feel more safe and secure.

Frankincense – frankincense incense is a great “clearing” incense and can help to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in your home. It’s helpful in healing spells and enhancing mental clarity.

Lavender – lavender incense is great for lifting your…

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