Come Sit At My Table & Let Me Read Your Cup


The Witch & Walnut

cropped-a2.jpgThis is how the majority of my summers played out. My grandmother was a host to a multitude of women, multiple times a day wafting into her home as if it were their own. This is culturally accepted were we come from. Come in, there is always kava (coffee) on the stove cooking.

Let me read your cup, why she said these words, I don’t know.? Since we all knew what was about to happen. These women, neighbors, friends, relatives and strangers alike all had something in common. That was questions, resolving problems and wanting answers.

I’m not sure if my grandmother understood that I fully understood what was going on.Perhaps she thought my comprehension of the Serbian language was not up to par? Seems silly, since I was very fluent. Maybe she thought I was simply to young to really understand these adult issues. Well, she was wrong.

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  1. I thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Sunday. Best May Day wishes to you

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