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The Stone of Emotional Balance: Moonstone ~ Good Witches Homestead

Originally posted on Paths I Walk:
via The Stone of Emotional Balance: Moonstone – Good Witches Homestead Moonstone represents the great Mother Goddess. Her strength lies in her gentleness, and her ability to experience process, and neutralize her feelings. Moonstone…

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Originally posted on Good Witches Homestead:
For positive uses or actions, the stones listed are said to enhance them. For negative uses or actions, the crystals listed are said to decrease them. For dis-ease or health issues listed, the stones…

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Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Copper

Originally posted on Mountain Man Traditional Healing:
Importance of copper wire – “Dr. Hershel Shockey, an osteopath who practiced in Stone county, Missouri, during the Second World War, told me that he saw a young man with some rare skin…

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Organizing Your Life to Achieve Your Goals

Originally posted on Magickal Connections:
Originally, this video tarot reading was posted specifically for one of my clients who purchased a video reading.  Just so you know how it works, purchased video readings are taped, edited, and uploaded anonymously at…

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VOODOO PRACTITIONER Dangerous with passion and pleasure A twist thrown into the mix to cast your own Spells into power Incantations cleanse yourself Spiritually as a fire burns to achieve a more infinitely powerful and success Spell Under the Practice … Continue reading

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7 Days of Magic – Calendar Guide to Spell Casting!

Originally posted on The Witch & Walnut:
Here is a quick guide to follow to help you correspond your castings to certain days of the week. Each day of the week corresponds with 7 different planets. This will help you…

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