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It speaks to me without words It stirs up my emotions My memories become alive… FULL MOON INCENSE RECIPE 2 parts orris root powder 2 parts lavender buds 2 parts myrrh powder 2 parts calamus 3 drops jasmine oil 3 … Continue reading

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Tune-Up Your Magical Attitude

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Life can play havoc on us even in the most mundane ways and its easy to let the little things pile up and become overwhelming. This can start to affect us magically. Magic…

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A spell that will prevent another’s wishes from coming true

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Gather: seeded dandelions, matches, burnable area, paper, taglock (such as locks of hair, fingernail clippings or blood). You can choose to make a ring of dandelions, or a bundle, or simply use one. (note:…

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Traditional Cornish Witches

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Cornwall was indeed home to many folk-magic practitioners, a tradition that reached a climax in the 19thC. Such practitioners offered a range of services mostly involving the work of healing, curse lifting, exorcising of…

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