Tune-Up Your Magical Attitude


The Witch & Walnut

C9eoynnUQAATq2PLife can play havoc on us even in the most mundane ways and its easy to let the little things pile up and become overwhelming. This can start to affect us magically. Magic comes from within you, your heart, mind and your energy. The quality of your attitude will absolutely directly affect your desired outcome. Magic requires a lot of focus, a clear mind and high vibrations. You can’t expect to perform well if you are not in a good way, or think and speak poorly of yourself. Keeping yourself in a positive place is crucial for magical work.

Clear all negative thoughts and blockages, this affects your energy output and also how you receiveenergy and messages. The first part of magic is focus! You want and need to be able to be very clear on your magical intentions, and direct your energy where it needs to go. This…

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2 Responses to Tune-Up Your Magical Attitude

  1. chris jensen says:

    Very true an sound advise darling!

    Tis a quick blink an a shy wink following a smothering of kisses in all the right places…


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