On Sages and Smudging


Tabatha Land

     Dried herbs have been burned for ages to rid people of negative energies, to cleanse the sacred space of our homes, and perfume a divine temple as offering to Gods and nature deities. We burn sage on Samhain as a gift to our beloved ancestors. Our ancestors burned dried sprigs of sage and other herbs in their temples and during rituals. My European ancestors burned many different herbs in their practices, and though I prefer the smell of white sage, I do not think this was on hand in those locations. Those ancestors most likely burned common garden sage and a variety of other herbs. 

Sage_plant_in_Castel_Beseno Salvia officinalis

      I prefer to grow everything I use. Would this deter me from smudging? Not at all. Common garden sage grows like wildfire here in Kentucky. There’s no struggle. Salvia officinalis makes itself at home here because it is at home. If you…

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