The Process of Crafting an Incense: Meditation Incense


Photo 27-3-17 19 45 13Incense (from the Latin incendere i.e. ‘to burn’) is a substance (or a blend of them) that, through its sublimation by fire, creates a distinctive smell. There are myriads of ways to burn incense, myriads of combinations, and also myriads of purposes to make use of it. But today we are focusing on its underlying process of creation, taking as an example the crafting of the Meditation Incense which you will find available in the shop.

Incense is greatly misunderstood in the mainstream areas of Magic and Witchcraft. We normally use incenses to satisfy the practitioner: its aroma being always pleasant, benign, comfortable, chemically perfumed, and -boringly- mild. This is evidently a total deviation of the primary purposes of incense, which is intended to act as an offering to please the spirits, as a medium to connect with them, or as part of a ritual to intoxicate the attendants.

In first place, the art pleasing…

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