“Your Cold Heart Spell” (By Silver Ravenwolf)



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“I don’t know about you, but I’ve met people who just don’t want me to get ahead no way, no how. In your life, this could be a teacher, a counselor, a friend, the parent of a friend or even a relative. This spell is designed to remove the emotional walls they’ve put up against you, and allow them to see the truth. Sometimes, these people act on gossip they’ve herd and not on what they perceive for themselves. Although adults sometimes have a tough time believing their friends or family would purposefully deceive them, teens seem to have a real problem with this issue. Hundreds of times, various peers of both my daughters have tried to turn sister against sister with gossip and lies. Each girl had a hard time discovering that their peers only wanted to cause trouble for their entertainment. This spell, them, can do double duty…

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3 Responses to “Your Cold Heart Spell” (By Silver Ravenwolf)

  1. chris jensen says:

    You need to please work that spell,
    upon me darling…

    It always seem that i must go up-hill!


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