I got into my bed under the cool comfortable sheets as I was just about ready to fall asleep

I could vividly see this spirit in the corner of my dark bedroom

The spirit began to talk to me or perhaps it was more like a mutter I listened closely but the spirit spoke in some unknown language something foreign to my ears

Those gloomy shades of the unquiet dead started to filled the room

It was a frightful spectacle indeed not knowing what supernatural dangers could await me from someone who lingered about from the other side

The energy surrounded me of all those who have been in this house before my arrival

Were they conscious
Were they intelligent
Were they of the dead or still a part of the living earth

This spirit entered into the doorway I had unknowingly opened up

Actively in the presence of my thoughts and in my actions

I let this invasive spirit know that I was the master of my space

At once I tossed a palm ful of kosher salt its way

I held tight to my faith to rid myself of the very thought of this bad spirit

…then I heard a bell ring in the far distance

Was that bell ringing to strengthen this spirit to cause trouble alerting it into thinking I wanted to catch its attention

Another ring of the bell as the spirit was silently creeping about

One more ring I then turned searched around

Said hello and realized it was nothing more than being captured in another one of my adventurous nightmares…


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