SPRINGtime in WITCHville


Your home is your sanctuary so why would you not want to adorn it with items that are not only beautiful and practical but also inspiring to your inner Witch

Inside a Witch’s House if you of course practice Magick on a regular daily basis might consider yourself hereditary Witch

Or maybe you simply are one who indulges in a good Smudge of Sage when you move into a different residence to clear out all the olde vibes that lingered behind by someone elseAre you a Witch who is never without that Lucky Crystal that has a permanent place in your pocket

A selected group of objects based on what you either want to amplify in your own life or what you want to attract into it sitting on your coffee table

And have a Tarot Deck on hand when life deals out a problem that has stumped youCustom Prayer Candles
Astrological Pillows
Burning Incense

To help enrich your living quarters with intent!

Yes…we do know that Crystals bring good healthy things our way as we stuff one or 2 in our pocket or purse before we leave the house

But how about some of those Crystals attached to the windows of your house or apartment to bring in all that goodness right into your home while they sparkle in the sunlight and glisten by moonlightIt might be time to get out your inner Magick after all why regulate the Crystals to the recess of your pockets and your bedroom drawers

Add Golds and Coppers in your home to attract good fortune and business success

Light Blues to enhance a peacefulness and protection especially in the bedroom

All shades of Green will grow for you positive well being in your lifeThe Kitchen one of my most favorite rooms in the house

Where you can create
And just let yourself be you

All the while without any one guessing you prepare a Spell of Mint and Jelly to enchant those you love to have better days ahead of them

I will suggest to you to collect real metals stones and crystals rather than imitations to get their true and full effect

I want to incorporate into my home vessels to grow all manner of plants

Not only herbs flowers and roots useful for Magickal workings

Surrounded by all the Magick this Earth has to offer me

As a Witch I have a deep connection to Nature and I plan on not only living in harmony with it but to bring all its harmony into my daily living


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11 Responses to SPRINGtime in WITCHville

  1. This might sound like a really odd question but are there any other witches on this site that post spells

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      It’s not an odd question at all…

      Going back a few years ago WP had a lot more Witches and Spells

      They seem to have gotten on their BroomSticks and did fly away

      Some come back to frequent us with their knowledge and experiences from time to time

      But for now your stuck with us…❤

      • I see but also what i noticed from personal experience is when i post a spell on here it gets a bit of attention but if i was to post it on tumblr (which has the largest witchy community) it gets no sort of attention what so ever it if i was to ask a popular witch to repost it then it would get something but i got tired of asking people cause it just makes me sound desperate and trust me im going to be making more spells in the future

      • hocuspocus13 says:

        Well…then…do what I did…

        I introduced myself to the WP community by making my presence known



        I became a force to be reckoned with

      • Im glad i did it

      • hocuspocus13 says:

        …and don’t forget to “follow” 😉

      • Yaass sista yaaasss 😆

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